The Team Behind the Scenes:

Atlantic Publicity is headed by: Adrienne Papp

The Write People, The Right Publicity®

Publicity, Educational Media Production,
Advertising, and Marketing, TV Commercial Productions, Filming and Special Affect Photography

New York Los Angeles Aspen London

Adrienne Papp
President and CEO, Editor in Chief
Executive Producer
Wardrobe Stylist

Katelin Mantey
Assistant to Adrienne Papp

Benny Velsa
Assistant to Adrienne Papp

Ian Matthews
Assistant to Adrienne Papp

John Huff
Trade Mark Counsel

Cheryle Bernard
Director of Web Development

Max Flower
Television Broadcast

Ashley Parish
Celebrity Photographer

Richard Bernstein
Corporate Attorney,  Treasury

Carolyn Matini
Youthful and Ageless Consultant

Nachman Flatt
CPA, Head of Accounting

Dennis Fredricks / FREDRICKS
Legal Counsel, Business
and Legal Affairs

John Martinez
Associate Producer

Bradley Spencer
WordPress and SEO Consultant

Jon Freis
Legal Counsel, Business and Corporate Affairs

Marc Jacobs
Print Design

Michael Muraca
Client Relations Director

Bobby Quillard
Master Photographer Michael Koehn