Atlantic Publicity
Because You Have a Story!
The Write People, The Right Publicity®

When you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, we can make it happen. Our international team creates widespread industry recognition by creating syndicated feature articles and producing editorial style, short film commercials.

We broadcast these messages in key multi-media TV networks, elite channels, and also on various airlines as video productions. This high profile media exposure creates direct rapport with your audience in an interactive way!

The clients of Atlantic Publicity have been recognized in their individual fields through our dedicated personal service and storytelling, combining sophistication, media awareness, and a touch of celebrity.

Atlantic Publicity provides editorials, commercials and true publicity in a platform of constant exposure, creating awareness with half a billion targeted customers within one year.  Once connected with the people who are looking for your products, your sales will increase dramatically and your company name will achieve high profile recognition among consumers.

We invite you to partner with us in this innovative new platform in order to achieve maximum recognition for you and your products and services.  For a very modest investment, you can be part of this new revolution in marketing and constant exposure.

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