Oh my goodness, this is fabulous!!! One Woman Revolution! I LOVE it! Leave it up to Adrienne!? So cool. Thank you sweetie. I’m asking my staff to save them…:)

M.D. Chara Biologics, Inc.
Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy.
Main: 818-356-8248
Cell: 310-592-7504

Amazing Adrienne,
First you must take care of yourself! Call me with the questions you have. Your health must be optimal to make our efforts even more successful than they already are.
Many answers to optimal health are now known to science. The information is fabulous. Oceans  of people will want to know when they understand the tremendous results they can get. Not just on the outside, but on the inside as well!

Best Health Always
Dr Don Zone,
Cardiologist and Anti-Aging Specialist

Love it…( the magazine article ) looks great! Please send the article page, as you sent it, and the cover of the magazine issue…I will be including it in our portfolio. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

Judi Smith, Co-Founder of ICBR (The International Clinic of Biological Regeneration)

Dear Adrienne,
Its so great to hear from you!! I have read and just really beyond honored and “speechless” about what you have written.
Feb 6, 2020 I am doing a launch event for Pure Vitality in Walnut Creek. I would love if you could arrange to come! “

rachel-face-circle Rachael Cabreira
Innovative Wellness

Good morning Adrienne, just want to tell you I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you!!!❤️❤️❤️???

It is amazing!??? Yes, I love strong, smart and loving women!!! That’s universe’s gift to itself?? Can’t wait to make great stuff happen together!❤️❤️❤️

Joy Kong, M.D.
Chara Biologics, Inc.
The Center for Regenerative Medicine
American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy

Hi Adrienne.

This looks fabulous. Love the idea.

Will need to edit some, but the idea is amazing. See Legacy Book Here


Dr. Donald Zone, Anti-Aging Expert

I love what you have put together. Brilliant! I am so blessed to have met you and to be working with you. I have no words but THANK YOU! And Now can use the Best of symbol on the product.

Warm Wishes,

Mellisa Baylis

President – Mellisa B Naturally

Hi Adrienne. I know you are seeking your best health ever. It’s so fabulous to feel the energy that we are. I’m having some high res pictures done and will send them along to you. The article is outstanding and will look even better with more images.

Beat Heart Health Always.

Dr. Donald Zone

“I saw the Youtfulandageless website! Congrats! Thanks for including me, this is very exciting!”

Dr. Erin Lucie, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, Anti-Aging Specialist

It is an honor to be working with you. I am excited to be part of this scientific and innovative breakthrough for good health!

Rachael Cabreira

Innovative Wellness Inc., Regenerative Medicine

OMG OMG so happy for your and all your hard work and wonderful big heart God Bless you!

Warm Wishes,

Mellisa Baylis
Mellisa B Naturally
Keep Your Ink
110 Miller Rd
Medford, NJ 08055

Thank you!!!! It looks amazing!!!!

~~lisa watkins

~~~be the change you wish to see in the world..Gandhi ~~~

Hi Adrienne,
The contract is attached.
The funds transfer can happen as soon as financial institutions are open.
I look forward to working together to get reliable information out to those who are interested in anti-aging and their heart health!
The use of the Heart Health Today Logo, a photo and website picture on the Youthful and Ageless platform is a super way to go.
I am setting Wed at 5 eastern, 2 pacific time for our 1 1/2 hr interview in preparation for the article.We have an interesting and compelling story to tell.
I am obsessed with the amazing new scientific information available that can be easily translated into major improvements in our biochemistry and our health.
The Fox Business and OWN networks are fantastic outlets. The print media you use are top notch.
The repeated TV presence and reaching over 241 million people will be tremendous for them and for us. A WIN-WIN for sure.
Your expertise in this is much appreciated.
Dr. Donald Zone, Cardiologist and Anti-Aging Doctor Recommending Products and Services for those looking to stay youthful. His book is being published. Youthful and Ageless is his exclusive publicity firm.

I am so happy for you and excited for all the incredible success you are achieving because you have worked so hard and are so smart and open to the universe:) I have sincere gratitude for how kind and supportive you have been to me-you are such a cool unique wonderful human-how did I get so lucky to connect with you!?!? I wish I were at the place in my career like Dr. Obagi or Dr. Fisher or Dr. McLukas (just found him on Youthful and Ageless-wow your website is growing by leaps and bounds, you are doing lots of amazing work!!) Hugs and love and gratitude! And please keep me posted if Palm Springs works out, I’d of course LOVE to meet up! And heal up! Take time for you even though you have so much good going on work wise right now!

Love it…( the magazine article ) looks great! Please send the article page, as you sent it, and the cover of the magazine issue…I will be including it in our portfolio. Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!

Judi Smith , Co-Founder of ICBR (The International Clinic of Biological Regeneration)

I am so honored and flattered that you offered your platform to me! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity…I can’t thank you enough for believing in me! I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful you’ve been to me! And I hope we meet up at Brush Creek Ranch one day soon, and I’d love for you to come see my clinic in good ol’ Cheyenne, WY!

Dr. Kristy Van Kirk, Anti-Aging Doctor, OB/GYN

Jumping for joy-so excited! You are one incredible woman with drive and determination and smarts and personality and flair and beauty, who has worked so hard to manifest all this good that you deserve! I’m so so so happy for you!?❤️ Indeed, cheers to the best year ever! You should be so proud and enjoy every second of your well deserved success!❤️???

Dr. Kristy Van Kirk

Thank you!!! It’s wonderful!!!

So excited to be on this journey with you!! Let’s educate and empower people all across the world!!!

Lisa Watkins
be the change you wish to see in the world..Gandhi

Adrienne, Sabine here…thanks for sending the article about Dr Lesavoy.
Great work.

Sabine Niederberghaus and Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy

It is a very nice article, thank You
Go Hungarians!!

Tony Kemeny, Love By Kemeny, Changing the Industry of Nail Polish

So exciting! How will I ever sleep now lol and be ready for early surgery, I am on call as a surgeon lol:):)

So surreal to see myself in the mags! Wow, thank you!!!!

And so cool to see the other people you wrote about and how we have similar ideas on health and wellness, inside out and body as a whole.

You just made my day/week/month/year-and what time with my new business, wow you are brilliant and called it so perfectly! My sincere, very excited and so appreciative, THANKS!!!

And that’s so cool for the TV and analytics as well. You are an excellent writer-I hear every emotion you’re implying!

Dr. Kristy Van Kirk, December 26, 2018

You are the BEST!

Dr. Donald Zone, December 24, 2018

You are a very smart person and very personable with a mission to help improve the life’s of others. That is very respectable.

Juan Salinas, Ph.D.
Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC.

“HI Adrienne, Nice website! I believe I will have 8 people at this event including me. If others want to buy tickets I will let you know as some people are still thinking about it. Maybe the website will help explain what it is all about.”  

My best to you and thank you.

Dr. Garth Fisher

Adrienne, thank you so much!!! I am sooooooo happy it’s all going sooo very well. Lots of awareness and understanding and sales are steadily increasing and will pick up even more… and we will do more. Thanks once again. Off to New Zealand to a wedding then a trip in Asia… Love ya and take some time for yourself you hear…. Xxxxxxx Denie. See you in the new year special lady…

Denie Hiestand

The Human Experience, LLC (theCream)
Mailing address: 6130 W. Flamingo Rd. #150
Las Vegas, NV 89103 USA

“A personal thank you! I bet you get tons of fan mail. I just realized that and had to give you a personal thank you for your kindness. As you know The Secret is life changing for many, rich, poor, it does not matter, it is really life changing for those who learn about it and grow with the lessons learned from it. I hope you keep that clear vision in your business because you will grow fast and gain many supporters and not just fans but real friends who will stand beside you when you need help the most 🙂 “

Jon Miler

“I have been reading some of your articles (Sean Penn, Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson etc) and I just wanted to congratulate you on your writing…you really put your heart into what you say about people and it is beautiful how you do this…you show the real, human side of celebrities…I have not noticed this very often with journalists…it is very rare…and a gift to the world….you bring out the light in people and the world needs this…
It also shows your inner light…..and as I said…Its an honor to meet you”

Alison Buck

….The Germans Loved the Commercial you Have Produced…. “Oh, Sweetheart you’ve just made my day….” We both LOVED the Intro you wrote to the book titled: “Healthy Beauty, Ageless Beauty,”…. it is all YOU!…. ….I love how you write. Thank you… …The Concept of Youthful and Ageless™ is perfect, I agree…. …We did not think you can make sense within 30 seconds for the CNN piece but you did…” Click here to watch the commercial

Denie Hiestand
The Human Experience, LLC

Shala Mata
Chief Financial Officer
The Human Experience, LLC (theCream)

“If you only knew the beautiful persona you present to the world.  Georgia and I loved your energy, being a Kinesologist (muscle testing) I am able to calibrate the consciousness of  anyone and anything,  Using the consciousness scale from Dr.David Hawkiins book “Power vs Force.”  This is a skill I have learned and it has served me well.  Oh, by the way you calibrated high.”

Pam Drinnon
Memphis, TN

“I bet you get tons of fan mail, so it is an honor to be considered. I just realized that, and had to give you a personal thank you for your kindness. I liked your piece and the reference to the Secret. I hope you keep that clear vision in your business because you will grow fast and gain many supporters and not just fans, but real friends who will stand beside you when you need help the most.”

Jon Miller

Thank you soooooo much Adrienne
Hope you get some time to yourself over thanksgiving weekend. You deserve it…..
Thanks for the great work.
I have forwarded the article to Eiffel and we will run with it big time as well. Yaaaa.

Yours Denie.

Denie Hiestand
The Human Experience, LLC

“I know that as a writer you are very critical of yourself. Don’t ever doubt yourself, you have your heart and mind in the right place.”

Michael Koehn

“Its an honor and privilege to work with you  and again thanks for everything.  You did make me happy!”

David Hodges 

Thank you so much Adrienne, and I am certain we can get in front of millions who are conscious of managing their health and want to do it effectively. Getting the message out is key, and I know your Y&A platform, www.Youthful& will be a go-to source for them so you are helping immensely. I am having a new image created for the Y&A page as our link and I should send that to you in the next couple of days. We will be riding out the hurricane tonight and tomorrow in Florida, but as long as I have my phone I am available if you need anything from me. Thanks again-:)

Ray Skawinski CEO Oleomed USA, LLC October 6, 2016

“I like your writing. I have not been able to say that in a while. The Chaos theory in the article of Julia’s is a glimmer into a mind the press does not see. It is very close to Synchronicity which tends towards harmony. But intuition is the ultimate. You just KNOW. Wishing you the best in telling the best about interesting people! Nobody else does that these days!”

Jeferson Applegate

“I have had the pleasure of working with Adrienne as a writer and editor. Much of my work for her has been on a freelance basis, helping to edit some of the high-profile articles she writes for various publications. I worked with her very closely as we interviewed and wrote an article on the late artist, Violet Parkhurst. It was, and is, a pleasure to work with Adrienne, as she is very upbeat, positive and a go-getter who takes care of business.” 

Wade Contreras
Owner, Ideas & Ink. 

“I came across Youthful & Ageless while searching for organizations to reach out to about cancer awareness. The educational research, resources, and information that you provide is quite remarkable and something I personally admire. “

Tyler Wyley – Outreach Director

Hello Dame Adrienne

“I checked out your web pages.  Stunning work!  Now I understand what you mean by a style of promoting people, business or enterprise. “

Sir Robert Keller

“Hi Adrienne It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your story of triumph.”

In health, Christine Bullock Trainer and Judge on Fit for Fashion TV Creator of Evolution 20 DVD series Co-creator of KAYO, Better Body Care

“It is  such a pleasure and a true joy to be working with you. Not only you have always done everything you said you would do, but your way of getting the word out is unique, efficient and very, very creative. Thank you for all you have done and will be doing for me. It is exciting and uplifting.  Your energy sours high and you are really the kindest person I have ever met. Thank you for changing my life”

Debra Pauli

Your writing style is fantastic! I really enjoy your pieces. Very different and informative. Keep up the good work.”

Klaudia Kovacs

“This is an absolutely perfectly written piece on my life. I never thought the article would be this perfect. You have exceeded all my expectations!” 

Alex Kaufman

You are a kindred spirit and your generosity and passion for what you do are self-evident and much appreciated. I’m thrilled to work with you on our socially-conscious effort to advance the cause of peace for humanity and beyond.   

I realize the demands on your time and  I greatly appreciate your generous spirit in contributing to this humanitarian effort.

Geela Parish
Inspirational Singer/Songwriter
Talk Show Host/Contributor
Motivational Speaker – Social Entrepreneur
Founder of a Nonprofit Organization and a Media Company 

Dear Adrienne,

It is a huge privilege for me to meet someone like you who has a divine calling to make a difference in the world….. I am a trustee in the UK of the “Centre for Intelligent Design”. We believe an intelligence is behind all this awe-inspiring phenomena….meaning:the beauty in nature….. Our colleagues on the West Coast are Discovery Institute in Seattle….. Lyn may have told you that I was in our local parliament and government for 24 years.

Many thanks, …your work is much appreciated.
John Langlois,
Attorney at Law, Humanitarian, England, Europe

“I am so proud of you my dear…you are an amazing woman…I so respect and admire you…Great Job!

Thank you so very much, I couldn’t have done this without you…you and your company are truly a gem and I am extremely honored to have met you and now working with you. Atlantic Publicity gets a AAA+ in my book.”

Sincerely thank you!
Debra Luptak


“The new website looks good, it is good to change things to stay current and “fresh” and new to keep everyone interested and be on the cutting edge. And your program does that! Pure Excellence!”

David Hodges, Whole Foods

“You do an amazing job capturing a feeling that translates to the reader! Your article on Quantum Physics is one of the best articles I have read all year! “

M. Muraca

“Your life is fascinating! You are fascinating! Stunner!”

Chris Bunker, Graphics Producer on the Dr. Phil Show

“My lovely Adrienne, Wow! Thank you so much again! This is just wonderful. You have been one busy lady. You just wouldn’t believe what is beginning to unfold for us. Roger told me today, that he is going to call you tonight and fill you in with all the news. Doors are opening for us, like never before…After reading your articles, I definitely want to see two movies when they are released over here….I love your gorgeous photos too. Best Wishes.”

Lyn Nelson,Director,
Emerald Heritage Limited

“I LOVED reading the insightful pieces you wrote on the Gracies Awards and the MTV Awards in addition to ‘What is the meaning of life.’  You are both very beautiful and talented woman not to mention a woman on a mission to make the world a better place for all. ”   

Geela Parish
Radio Talk Show Host for 2 Million listeners
Operation Healing for the World Foundation
Giving with the Stars For the Love of God Foundation

Dearest Adrienne,

“Wow! You are working hard for us! Thank you so much once again. This looks and reads amazing! I thank the Lord above that we met you; that you persevered for us and that we all followed our hearts to reach each-other.”

God Bless,
Emerald Heritage

What a magnificent article you have written! Yours is the best article I have ever read!   You are unbelievable, it is an unbelievable article, and it is all very factual incidentally. There is not any other writing that equals yours. I am so looking forward to meeting you. 

Barbara Stone
Talent Agent

“I love your ideas, drive, never ending enthusiasm for your great ideas and feel honored to know you and be a part of your life and especially part of your project as mentioned. I have a great respect and love for you and what you do! it is indeed a rarity in this life!”

Dr. Steven Wong,
World Renowned Head of Cancer Research, UCLA

“I just saw your story on the Gracies. Wow! Hands down it is the most comprehensive piece written on the Gracies.

It seems I accomplished my goal thought your article of setting the tone that I wanted for media relations for this very important event for women in media.”

Edna Sims Bruce
ESP Public Relations

Dear Amazing Adrienne:

“I am so impressed with your video – so Pro ”

David Traub, Producer in Film and Television

“Adrienne is from another planet.  I mean that as a compliment.  She is very good at breaking through any barrier and getting in front of CEOs, philanthropists, inventors, great thinkers and the like.  She likes to attend things like the Aspen Institute.  Adrienne is very creative, very entrepreneurial.  She is into topics like metaphysics.  She is originally from Hungary.  We sometimes call her Zsa Zsa.
She has written several pieces for our magazine but she also contributes regularly to our website.  Right after Michael Jackson died, she posted a story that generated comments from all around the world.  She’s good at leaping on the timely stories — and with everyone searching the Internet these days, she has gathered a lot of attention. Adrienne writes better than most writers I know. “

Jeff Hall
Publisher and Editor in Chief of
Westside Today Publications and Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“I am so honored and humbled to receive this message from you. “YOU are SOMETHING ELSE!”, and By That I mean; “YOU are A Whirlwind of ACTION and Talents, Knowledge, and Beauty, INSIDE and OUTSIDE!”….I/WE would Absolutely Love to “JOIN-FORCES”, with you and Your T.E.A.M…..Matter of Fact, I would Love to Possibly “CAST” You as one of Our SUPER HEROIC “Celebrity CHARACTER PRO-FILERS.”

Much Love & Friendship,
Terry and Julia Reece

Always love your energy and positivity and drive.”

Sumeet Harish IT Engineer

“I think the project is a very good idea. And yes, there is the Hollywood/glamour/health link that is always there, I mean it remains a lucrative market due to the demands of Hollywood.”

Shira Geller Architect

The articles look great!  Dr. Abergel is really happy with the way they turned out. Great job !  Very well written and informative.

Dr. Abergel
ergel Institute

“Got a chance to watch, love the determination! I am so happy that all this work is now in a form that can pay off. It’s been a long journey to get this comprehensive and brilliant program done. Very proud of you!”

Michael Koehn

“Amazing picture.  Fascinating article. Well done by “The Best Publicist on the Planet!”

Jerry Colker

“I think it is a great, visionary concept.”

Linda Swartz

“As for the article published in the Hollywood Reporter, I’ve already received good reviews from patients and friends that were in Cannes and read the Article.

I received the Flyer magazine, nice Article, you are right, it’s about repetitions before you get results, you have do it and it will eventually pay off.”

“…no one can write like you, you have a real talent for it, just wanted to let you know.”

Dr. Eric Fugier

“Thank you so very, very much Katelin and please extend our warmest thanks to Adrienne. This is spectacular!”

Liam Collopy,

Executive Vice President

“Great article!!!  I hope all these false allegations and bad histories come out to light soon…this guy was such a good nature human soul!!”

Diego Parada

“Thanks for your great service when we needed it the most! This was exactly what we have been searching for!”

John Davis

“You have restored my faith in humanity.”

Henri Le Chat Noir

Dear Adrienne,

Thank you for being such a compassionate advocate for children living in poverty around the world!

Your desire to see children grow up happy and healthy is why I believe our new monthly giving program called Project Multiply is an ideal fit for you.

This new project will give orphans and homeless children in Uganda a chance at a bright future.

Anne Lynam Goddard,
ChildFund International

Dear Adrienne,

Thank you for your email and support of educational media.

ACM Computers in Entertainment is a nonprofit educational magazine I would like to invite you to submit a regular monthly column authored or coauthored by you in the diverse area of entertainment news and interviews. Please let me know of your thoughts.

Thank you very much! Your new piece “The New Audience: Movie going in a connected world” is great. I have asked ACM to add it to the lineup for publication.

Best regards,
Newton Lee
ACM Computers in Entertainment (CIE)

“I am so proud of you, for coming through your health issue in such good shape and with such a strong attitude! Much love to you.”

Michael Koehn

“I love your thinking and how eloquently you write. That is probably the key to your success, of course it is! I am so happy to have met someone as amazing as you. You are like an icon for me.”

Dr. Steven Wong

Hello Adrienne, I was able to see Webb site it’s amazing I loved it.

Much Love
Galina Salazar

Dear Adrienne,

I’m so proud of the article and am happy to hear that so many people have already read it. I hope it has touched and inspired all of them even if it’s in the smallest way!

 Julia Lukas

“You’re an amazing artist”

Julia Lukas

“You are so welcome and I would enjoy working with you on that article you believe would be good. I am glad you feel even more beautiful and were happy with our services.”

Best always!!

Dr. Garth Fisher

This is awesome Adrienne. You are the best in the business.
Expensive but worth it.

Grace Collins
Washington, D.C.

“Happy Work Anniversary Lady Adrienne Papp and may you Continue to have Great Success in All of Your Endeavors”


“I want you be as energetic and healthy as possible. Your accomplishments are outstanding.

Your networks are fantastic outlets. The print media you use are top notch.
The repeated TV presence and reaching over 241 million people will be tremendous for them and for us. A WIN-WIN for sure.
Your expertise in this is much appreciated. Your take on the subject is fantastic.”

Dr. Donald Zone , Cardiologist, Anti-Aging Specialist

“ I see…the platform is really clever… and you are the only one doing this…..”
Klaudia Balogh

What an amazing opportunity it is to work with you. I am so honored and excited to help women celebrate life and enjoy the freedom we all deserve. I cannot wait to start this journey with you.”
Dr. Rachael Cabreira, Innovative Wellness Inc.

Hi Adrienne.

What a fantastic article you have done. The reach you have in the media is amazing.
We continue to seek out important, scientifically-based  information on heart health and anti-aging and enjoy translating it for those who want to know.  Having you involved with this endeavor is the best.

Dr. Donald Zone , Cardiologist, Anti-Aging Specialist