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See One of Our Most Popular Combined Media Package with Demographics for Branding Purposes

This unique package combines a 2 minute in-flight video presentation exclusively on you, your products and services, and will be running for 2 straight consecutive months on all AA flights. It also includes Cable News Networks Presentations.

American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major United States-based airline, operating an extensive international and domestic network, and is the world’s largest airline by fleet size and revenue, and the second-most by number of destinations, only after United Airlines (wikipedia)

Video Interview Presentation on Airlines

Our production team will produce a Video Interview Presentation or what we call a VIP for short. We start by recording a one-on-one audio interview by phone with your spokesperson. Interview questions are prepared in advance. We use your interview as the soundtrack and illustrate your VIP with your visual assets (ie. photos, images, graphics, logo, and any video you have). This keeps the eye moving and text is used to highlight key points. We use motion graphics to unite the video stylistically. See samples by clicking here

We collaborate on all content and you have final approval. The end result is a visually engaging video employing your logo and branding, and visual assets timed to your interview. If you don’t have any visual assets, we will create your video using our library. Your video will air worldwide to 8.4 million travelers on 58,000 American Airlines flights for two consecutive months ( as we include the bonus month)  for first and business class travelers. Viewers include hard-to-reach C-level executives, decision makers, investors, entrepreneurs and early adopters. As an added benefit, your video can be re-purposed on your website, social media and in other promotions for years to come. Your in-flight video will be 2 minutes long.

Over the years we have developed a loyal audience due to our personal collaboration with our customers. When it comes to your in-flight-video we can draft suggested interview questions for your review and approval, or of course you can draft your own questions.  All creative, host talent, voice over artist and production is included, and distribution and re-usage rights are yours to keep and put it on your website or anywhere you wish! Your interview will also be rebroadcast on our sites… the people interviewed on these programs are recognized names, and successful companies that are examples in many ways. Your entire segment repeats over and over for the duration of the flight in a loop. International Flights make up a large percentage of all American Airlines.   The entire recording process is very turnkey.  We only need 10 – 20 minutes of your time to perfect the interview and that is ALL you need to do! 

Cable News Airport Network, CNN Airport Network

Atlantic Publicity Production will produce a professional 30 second TV commercial using still photos, logos, graphics, and any existing video/b-roll footage you may have. The Airport Network consists of over 3,000 (growing with installation)  42-inch screens located in the busiest traffic areas at 50 major US Airports covering more than 2,100 gates, 27 club rooms and other viewing areas. All creative, voice over talent, production, distribution, and re-usage rights are included for your use and are yours to keep and put it on your site.  Your segment will also be rebroadcast on our websites…

Samples of Cable Television Networks


Comprehensive Journalistic Article

All of your achievements will be included in a comprehensive journalistic article as ONE easy and credible presentation that you can distribute and utilize for increasing your sales even further. This core and full feature piece is not the likes of a sales pitch, or a flyer, or text that you might have on your site about your products, services or ideas, (although it will be added to your site under “in the media” section) but rather, it is the “opinion of the media,” which gives buyers more confidence to buy and lands you a much greater credibility. You can not promote yourself, a publicity company can!


We can also customize various exposures to your needs!

Our goal is to help small to medium size companies that cannot afford millions of dollars spent on old fashioned marketing campaigns.  Yet, these companies or practitioners have a revolutionary product or service that needs to be explained, understood, heard and seen by the right demographics. With our pioneering digital media, modern new age protocol we can increase your sales dramatically within just a year;  give you publicity for life by the nature of our logistics;  provide you with constant exposure by repetitive simple editorial style messaging; avoid the biggest obstacle in marketing / publicity: the consumer does NOT remember names, and unless the product and your personal story is explained in details, they will not bond with it. They need to feel emotionally connected to your products and services. Achieving this is especially difficult and increasingly complex in the case of novelty, new and forward looking products and services in every area, but more so in the field of anti-aging. Laser sharp, demographically selective target marketing is a must for all involved in order to provide a consumer friendly, yet comprehensive approach to your products and services that people can remember, relate to and understand. Serving you and your consumers this way is our honor,  and is indeed an Honorable Cause™

Most sincerely yours,

Dame Adrienne Papp
President and CEO
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