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When you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, we can make it happen. Our International team creates widespread industry recognition through building a high profile image by writing your unique and personal story as syndicated articles and producing editorial style, short film commercials. We broadcast these messages in key multi-media TV networks, exquisite channels, and also on various airlines as a video production, as well as Syndicated RadioWe create a direct rapport with your audience in an interactive way! The clients of Atlantic Publicity have been recognized in their individual fields through our dedicated personal service and story telling, which combines sophistication, media awareness, and a touch of celebrity.

Our Proprietary Youthful and Ageless™ Bringing Information to Billions ™ An Honorable Cause™ next generational, high performance platform created by Atlantic Publicity was built with the single purpose of Helping and Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Prosper, Get Found on the Internet and Matched with their EXACT and Unique Consumer Base that Otherwise Cannot be Reached! We create a one on one conversation with our clients and their customers. We connect logistically appropriate topics together thus creating a vast audience for your products and services. Bringing you on the platform allows us to increase your sales dramatically over time.  Adrienne Papp with a Master of Science in Economics and a Major in Logistics, also being a recognized journalist and a celebrity publicist, found a way to connect topics together that are intertwined. For the first time PR has become Publicity Revolution, which is very different from just PR. We do not believe that PR works. We provide editorialscommercials and true publicitywhich is the creation of awareness to half a billion + people of your demographics within one year.  We increase your sales by bringing you ONLY those that can afford your Products and Services and find you with ONE click. We advocate to Live a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle , which we broadcast all year long for repetitive exposure, and an easy to remember by the viewer, simple editorial message, which is a must, along with Academic Research in Anti Aging, Cancer, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity and Quantum Physics.

We also include Sponsors of Academic Research, Charities, which is  An Honorable Cause. We back up our platform with the support of the Entertainment Industry through true stories about the subjects addressed on the one and only truly incredible platform: Youthful and Ageless ™, also referred to as Ageless Matrix; Simplicity and Sophistication™ Think NEW! ™  We insert your Products and Services, your research materials, and any cause you support into this highly publicized platform making you stand out from everyone else, giving you recognition by half a billion people and the best part is : It is Publicity 365. It is out there at all times  working for you.  

This Comprehensive Logistics is the Logo of the 21st Century. It is a new paradigm, a new App, a platform that allows you to compete with multi-billion dollar companies that pay millions in advertisement. You, through, us for pennies can too have commercials in very expensive and high-profile media outlets.

There is nothing more a publicity / media communication / marketing consulting or PR company ever do. With us you have it all! And we would not have it in any other way!

Simplicity and Sophistication

Think NEW! ™

Furthermore, through our customized and personalized approach, tailoring everything around your specific needs and messageswe sponsor minutes for you that would otherwise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and even going into millions. With us your marketing needs are truly resolved for life!  We allow constant updates and any new message you may have will reach way over half a billion people over time with consistency, simplicity, education by explaining your product even if it cannot be summarized in a sentence. Consumers like what is new and better than the old. But, they need to understand how they will benefit from your products and services.

The best solutions come from resolving complex problems! And, these are the problems in a nutshell.

  1. Constant exposure is impossible for every company even those that can pay millions in advertisement!
  2. People do not remember names of products or services or practitioners. Even if you run the same message for a million times.
  3. SEO does not bring you sales. 99% of those people driven by SEO cannot afford your services. 
  4. The consumer does not understand your products and services and you do not get the chance to gain their attention for more than a minute max. However, that is not enough in cases where you are offering something that is new! And, truth to be told, the entire field of Youthful and Healthy living is new. 

Please note: this is a very basic summary because we know you do not have the time. That is why we are here for you. Once we talk, not only you will see the entire picture even better, but you will understand that it costs you less than the SEO, or web maintenance that you are paying for today. Being on the top of a Google research result does not mean anything anymore! It never really did. It was just “glamorous.”

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We have been in business for over 20 years and we thought you might like to see the proof of it. That is why we also allow our older website, which was built with the technology appropriate for its time, to remain visible:
With us it is personal. Our clients are family.  We build a better world together!  You will be proud to be part of this  Honorable Cause.