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Our Proprietary Products and Services Platform was Built with the Single Purpose of Helping and Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Prosper, Being Found, and Matched with Their EXACT and Unique Consumer Base that Otherwise Cannot be Achieved!

Think NEW! ™
Simplicity and Sophistication™

Regardless of how great your company and ideas are, how perfect your products are, if you cannot be matched with your exact consumer base you will not be able to stay alive as a business. The lack of proper marketing and publicity is the single reason as to why 95% of all small businesses fail.

The anti-aging revolution started about 5 years ago and is more than a $ 500 billion dollar growth per year industry.

The Generations on this market include the Baby Boomers, Generation X and even the Millennials  (They grew up with more information and access to modern technology than the Baby Boomers or Generation X and they seek to live a healthier lifestyle.)

The Demographics are specific within the Generations listed above. If you want to sell your products or provide your services in the modern world of digital marketing you NEED TO be matched up with your target audience with a laser sharp accuracy, or else you, as the provider/manufacturer, simply will be swallowed by contradictory and overwhelming information on the Net. You will never achieve an interactive relationship with your clientele. You are simply not found. Your name is not known worldwide, does not express what you make or provide, and what benefits your products offer to consumers.   People’s 8 second attention spam today REQUIRES THAT YOU ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR TARGETED BUYERS AT ALL TIMES. SEO DOES NOT HELP AT ALL. (See below why it is a waste of time, money and efforts)

As you Know: Obstacles in targeting your buyers and actually SELLING TO THEM are many:

      1. Constant publicity is impossible for even the biggest companies in the world, yet it is a MUST.
      2. People do NOT remember names and titles a second after a commercial of ANY kind is over. The only way to get to your target audience is to repeat the exact same 15 second or 30 second message over and over again until it becomes a household name.
      3. People do NOT UNDERSTAND why your product is different from all others, especially if it is NEW, and what the benefits are. You need to educate them.
      4. Even if you were airing a commercial for millions of dollars on high-end media outlets such as CNN, or the OWN Network, as an example, you CANNOT EXPLAIN a complex health issue, your solution for it, and DISTINGUISH YOURSELF WITHIN 30 SECONDS. The consumer will NOT understand it even if you repeat it for a year, which would be financially impossible.
      5. You NEED TO USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE AND A GENERAL MESSAGE AS OPPOSED TO THE NAME OF YOUR PRODUCT, OR COMPANY, WHICH WILL NOT BE REMEMBERED. Sending a message such as “ Live a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle” is plenty to remember by the consumer, and at the same time cannot be forgotten.  Especially with our life-long, non-stop Publicity 365 concept.
      6. Once an exciting but simple message is out and around the world at ALL TIMES, there is no need to remember specific names, jotting down your 800 number, or your website by the consumer only ending up on the wrong webpage, which statistically results in giving up on the search.
      7. Flat out advertisement whether in print or TV/Radio/ Airlines that forces products onto the consumer are not well received. You need simplicity and sophistication by creating a general awareness about what you have to offer. A subliminal message is worth years of flat out ads.
      8. Unless you are on the most recognized and highest quality TV Networks, Airlines, Syndicated Radio, Exclusive Social Media, etc …and PROPERLY presented, you are not credible. You can say anything about yourself on your website and buyers know that.  It has to be a journalistically credible recognition by a third party. Hence comes our articles, our celebrities, and a professional presentation of you on the most exquisite outlets including CNN; FOX Business News; Lifetime Real Women; Oprah Winfrey; American Airlines; etc…as collectively seen here.  Not only we gain the highest outreach for you, but also hearing the message from these worldwide-recognized outlets by the consumer creates credibility for you. Trust is everything!
      9. You MUST talk to your customers from these highly recognized outlets not only for quality assurance, but also for the sake of quantity of quality buyers. This is how you reach the largest and most affluent target audience with expendable income. Your consumers are hungry for your products except they do not know you are even on the market, or how to find you. There are thousands of examples of this disturbing reality. We are here to change that with Publicity 365.
      10. You need to establish ”likability” with your consumers. In today’s world trust is key. You can only achieve this by engaging them emotionally (humans think with emotions.) Even children learn by association to a story. Tell your story, the inspiration that led you to what you are doing today and people will seek you out. See the example of Steve Jobs. Nobody understood computers and emails at the time, but everyone was interested in the story of the man in a garage. Today the whole world operates on what came to be known as personal computing. But it all started with an emotional engagement from consumers. To this day there is not one film made about Apple, but many about the “man behind the machine,” Steve Job’s life. People are drawn to success, creativity, inspiration, and sophistication by story telling. Job’s death was mourned around the world. People are still connected to the spirit of Apple and not the products alone.
      11. We at Youthful and Ageless accept you in the program because we believe in you. We give you the title “ America’s Most Promising Companies,” which you are.