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Atlantic Publicity specializes in building and planning and achieving long-term business goals for our corporate clients that range from virtually every industry including health, finance, research and entertainment. We also pride ourselves in helping small businesses with sponsored media packages in order for them to stay alive and competitive in an environment where big corporation can spend millions of dollars on high-end TV Networks, Airlines and other media venues.

The foundation of our plans always are based on collaborative ideas, which are well honed to ensure repeated successful publicity and awareness by simple and memorable messaging in our Publicity 365 editorial style TV and Airline Commercials, as well as journalistic articles, and story telling thus building brand awareness and legacy.  Social networking, consulting services, celebrity testimonials, online media publications and outlets, as well as traditional publications, are a few of the resources that are typically used to gain publicity momentum and built a competitive edge for our clients.

We have been successful for decades and we are here to help. When you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, we can make it happen very fast. Our International team creates widespread industry recognition through building a high profile image by publishing your unique story in key multi-media outlets as referred to above. We create a direct rapport with your audience. The clients of Atlantic Publicity  have been recognized in their individual fields through our dedicated personal service and story telling, which combines sophistication, media awareness, and a touch of celebrity.