Youthful and Ageless™ Helping Small Businesses

The Power Behind the Most Comprehensive and Powerful Platform of the Anti-Aging Movement: Youthful and Ageless™, the solution for small companies/practitioners.

Every once in a while a new concept comes along and because it’s so new it’s difficult to grasp at first. Where we may not have initially understood such odd sounding concepts as Google and the iPhone, those revolutionary concepts are now very much part of the mainstream and used by billions around the globe. And, those who started using them first are the first ones with their businesses today.

As so it is with an innovative new concept called Youthful & Ageless™. This visionary new platform provides an environment for a vast array of health and beauty services, a place where smaller and also startup companies can grow and prosper.  At the same time it also caters to the consumer’s needs to find anti-aging products, services and providers fast on a credible and high performance platform. If you offer nourishing food choices, beauty items in any form, nutraceuticals or supplements, eco-friendly products, exercise equipment, or new and mindful ways of thinking, then Youthful & Ageless™ is the place for you, a home base where your information is transmitted to your target customers around the world endlessly. It basically resolves your marketing and communication needs.

Conceived by Adrienne Papp of Atlantic Publicity, a well-known publicist, economist with a Master of Science in Economics and major in Logistics, MBA, journalist and marketing / advertising executive, the concept of Youthful & Ageless™ now means that the smallest companies can connect with a worldwide audience through targeted, ongoing exposure on the most exquisite media outlets in the world.

This is how it works. It offers a comprehensive environment for anti aging, health and wellness products and services where your information can be discovered. To get your story told we begin by creating a core feature story written by veteran journalists, which is one of the most intriguing elements of the program because consumers remember by association to a story. Especially when it is written. This is phase one of a comprehensive package that also offers the following benefits:

  1. We make sure your core story and information are constantly exposed to the growing millions, and even billions now, on the Internet; the Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and now, even the Millennials, that are pouring over $ 500 billion dollars each year into the Anti Aging and related industries. Constant exposure at the highest level is key to the successful marketing of your business.
  2. We also provide exposure on the highest profile television networks that puts you in front of more than 250 million viewers within a year as it reaches a vast global audience of the very people who can AFFORD to buy your products and services.
  3. We connect your customers with your information so that they can be educated about the products or services you have to offer and therefore buy it. Our proprietary innovative platform ensures you will get found, even sought out, and will show up in any search that is related to your business in the most modern way that blogs, SEO or social media cannot achieve. Click here to see how our concept comes up in search engines on the very first page just by putting common words into the search bar. The public at large only remembers common words.

“As a publicist for 20 some years I have seen over and over again the disappointment that small companies suffer because they can only afford a one time exposure, and at the same time, they also try branding, which is impossible. Branding requires a lot of money. High-end TV networks and airlines that are not only very expensive, but a trusted source for information, must be involved in a branding campaign. Small companies cannot afford the funds or the time. Branding also requires according to statistics an average of 17 years to settle into the mind of the general public. “ Papp says.

“Adding to it comes the fact that an affluent demographic with disposable income was not reached. There was no way to select ONLY those that can actually buy. SEO does not work as it brings in all types of demographics, which is why companies switch over to us and use the funds that they used to put into SEO. Selling a product on social media, or through blogging, are also questionable as these channels are not selective enough for the right demographics and might not be trusted enough. It is very time consuming and cumbersome for owners of companies. The results are not sufficient enough, and it is a daily 24/7 workload. Also, the targeted outreach is small in comparison, and lacking education about the product or service offered; therefore the consumer does not understand why to even buy these products and services. Without a thorough, but pleasant and fun explanation of your products / services people tune out. And, even if you have commercials it does not allow you the time to actually establish a trusting relationship with your buyers let alone education. Your buyers cannot even find you because they do not know your exact name and what you have to offer,”

Adrienne Papp founder of Youthful and Ageless

she continues.

“Plus, of course, we needed to face the sad fact that people, whether it is your demographics or not, do not remember names or titles even if the manufacturer / practitioner could afford millions of dollars for a spot on various high-end media outlets and we run that spot a hundred times. At the same time, we NEED these high-end, and very credible, exquisite media outlets because the consumer has a need to trust the source that is communicating the information,” explains Papp.

“So, I have been thinking a lot about how to achieve:

  1. Constant Exposure
  2. Simple (easy to remember) everyday words repeated; non-stop messaging, which is ONE collective message that the TARGETED audience remembers and hears over and over again. Every day words and a brief message is the max consumers remember and it is convenient for them. Please click here for our editorial style commercial that has been aired on networks already with or without voice over. And only communicate that very elementary and simple, short message to your specific demographics that has the power to buy what is communicated to them.
  3. Staying away from “advertisement,” such as “call the 800 number on the screen in the next ten minutes, etc…” — that never works especially in a brand new industry. The anti-aging movement with this intensity is only about 5 years old. The demographics mentioned earlier crave reliable information.

So that is how our special platform was born. I invested a tremendous amount of time and funds to give birth to this truly first-in-the-world comprehensive communication platform that has no competition due to the concept itself. Also a 20- year experience that I have had in a number of different professional fields that are all connected, and the number of diplomas I have collected helps me see the life of a company / practitioner from the beginning to the end in terms of publicity. Our clientele is extraordinary indeed with a lot to offer to the world. They are an inspiration for me every day. And, that inspiration created the platform” Papp adds.

“So, we, at Youthful and Ageless™ literally support small businesses as I believe that is An Honorable Cause and truly the backbone of America. We want to keep them competitive, and in some cases, simply alive. About 95% of all small businesses fail precisely because they do not have the funds to get in front of millions with a simple message to start selling fast. So, in my world selling comes first and in the process one can build a brand if so desired. But, we have found that the end buyer does not mind the names or titles used for a product or service, they just want to know that it works. Just as an example: most of the time the consumer does not even remember the name of a certain anti aging procedure even after they had the first treatment. But, if it works they come back for more and will talk about it to their friends. And, with the Internet revolution (about 90% of all sales happen on line as predicted by Steve Jobs) branding is not even needed anymore. Nevertheless, one can brand WHILE ALSO SELL right away,“ she says.

Kimber Eastwood on the Board of Directors of Youthful and Ageless™

“One more important factor I noticed in all my years is that small companies work with different agencies and the outcome is chaos. These agencies are in competition with each other and the client (small company) suffers. In order to avoid this we offer full service to any small business, from adding their content to our exquisite TV networks nationally and internationally prime time, to social media and web content managements to publishing blogs and keeping up with technology for them. We free them up to do what they are passionate about and best at. Their publicity/marketing and maintenance is resolved. Management and the owner of the manufacturing facility, or a service provider do not need to be overloaded with complicated issues that they will not even understand. They love the peace of mind that we provide and they are happier and therefore perform better. The stress of dealing with a million things all at the same time is no longer there “ she adds.

In summary, Youthful & Ageless™ offers a unique opportunity for companies specializing in health, wellness, anti-aging and beauty to a vast international market, and on ongoing bases. We offer tailored and sponsored packages.

There has never been anything like this before. By offering this advanced new platform as a vehicle for transmitting important health conscious and anti aging information to millions of people, Youthful & Ageless™ has created the ultimate win-win for all involved.

Youthful & Ageless™. It’s our passion and it’s your future with simplicity and sophistication!

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