Our production team will produce a professional 30-second to a two-minute TV PROGRAM VIDEOS and TV COMMERCIALS using still photos, logos, graphics, and any existing video/b-roll footage you may have. We offer this production for worldwide distribution on airlines, TV Networks and online.

1). Our special one time remnant rate bundle includes a 2-minute TV Program Video on American Airlines with logo usage running for one month with a bonus of an extra consecutive month.

2). A 30 – second editorial style commercial on the following networks 15 times each:

Oprah Winfrey, the OWN Network
Lifetime Real Women
CNN, Airport Network
Fox Business News.

3}. 20 Minute CBS Nationally Syndicated Radio

4). An Inclusion in our exquisite message running on CNN 400 times in 2017 which awards you the title “ America’s Most Promising Companies” and guarantees a lifetime of non-stop exposure by virtue of rebroadcasting on our Y&A platform

5). A Journalistic Editorial every 3 months (totaling in 4 articles) about your products and services and your true story of inspiration that led you to establish your company.

All production costs and licensing fees are included; you will not need to spend time on production at all whatsoever. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching your business grow and your legacy skyrocketing.