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The single “best ad of all time, “quoted from Ad Week “was the 1984 Macintosh Ad.““Do not criticize that which you do not understand”  (Bob Dylan) – we might add.Apple CEO, John Sculley stated: “Most of them (the audience) did not know what we were selling, but they loved the ad.” A new era was born on January 24th 1984, we just did not know it. Steve Jobs did. But, history repeats itself. Since then the world has changed and now it is changing again.

Pages of advertisements aren’t looked at anymore. If you buy a publication that happens to be still in print, you will read the stories, but skip the ads even if it is from Chanel, BMW, etc… It does not tell you ANYTHING, it just shows you great photography. If ANYONE wants to capture their audience they tell their stories. People learn and remember by association to a story, which is a fact! The board of directors of Apple hated the Mac ad, but people loved it because it told a story! Apple came out with products that did not work, despite of this fact they made themselves heard around the world and fixed their issues in front of our very eyes. Their story carried them! At Steve Jobs’ second big launch he did not have an OS: there was no functional product, or computer, but there was a visible vision! The story, his vision, carried him to success and still does even more so today.

The fastest growing industry today is Anti-Aging.  As baby boomers have started spending billions, JUST Fitness and Spas ALONE grow with 400 Billion dollars yearly. Anti-Aging companies, Nutraceuticals, and Cosmeceuticals started bringing the unimaginable into existence in order to satisfy this extraordinary demand.

How do we tap into this tremendous demographics and captivate the attention of the consumer that can afford to pay for anything in order to stay Youthful and Ageless? How can unrelated companies to the field of anti-aging captivate the attention of the VERY demographics that can afford a modern, hip and expensive lifestyle from cars, to luxury rentals, modern homes and everything in between in accordance with a world economy where the middle class either has disappeared, or is disappearing now, and has been replaced with the Well to Do, or the Less Fortunate?

Which one of these two classes can afford to pay for your products and services?

Here are the facts:

  1. Small, progressive and novelty companies cannot afford millions of dollars in marketing /advertising and certainly not brand imaging.
  2. A one-time exposure is not enough; constant presence is impossible, yet repetitive, continous, simple and consistent messaging is a must!
  3. People do not remember names, or care to remember names, they care to buy what is explained to them and come to understand. They trust you when you are one on one with them. They like to read about how others succeeded. (Or, watch it, which is why the entertainment industry is almost completely focused on TRUE stories in recent years.)
  4. Brand maintenance is non-existent in the field of Anti-Aging. It is a new industry, the academia behind various products are not known to everyone, there is not just one brand, or a few number of brands to relate to. The newer the product, the more interesting to the buyer. “Latest” is key!
  5. The world has changed into a fast paced whirlwind lifestyle and anything anti-aging takes an average of 7 years just to break even. These companies need immediate exposure to SELL right away and generate revenue, which they can use for further R&D, or brand themselves should they chose so (see the Internet revolution, as just ONE game-changer regarding branding)
  6. With the Internet Revolution convergence is inevitable. In an attempt to “clean up the Internet” Google’s ever-changing and unannounced algorithm took out the competition as we knew it. And, unless you become part of a bigger platform where information that belongs together are presented together, you will be pushed to page no.4 at best and people will never see you. They do not look further than the first 2, maximum 3 pages.
  7. Our twitter statistics show that the most popular topics are those that combine anti-aging with celebrities, films and events, such as the Oscars.
  8. Cancer cases grow with an average of 24 million new diagnosis a year just in the USA alone. This group goes straight to academic research, anti-aging products/services and everything in between that makes them FEEL GOOD!
  9. The Science of the Mind, which introduces a new way of thinking, has an estimated interest from more than a billion people worldwide daily.
  10. Large and branded corporations practice cause marketing almost exclusively now because it creates a more “intimate” relationship with their target audience. It also brings in those extra demographics that they otherwise could not reach. How does a branded and gigantic beauty company that has a floor at Saks Fifth Avenue tap into those demographics that are searching on movies, or on cancer or the science of the mind? By establishing an institute such as the REVLON BREAST CENTER at UCLA Research.
  11. Consumer attention in the current, and above described environment navigates toward new, novelty items, not branded names anymore: Less chemicals, more academic knowledge, truth, healthier, younger, more progressive, cognitive and anti-aging are keys taking out large branded names. Brands started re-inventing themselves thru cause marketing.
  12. Celebrity is pop-culture. Celebrities do not want to age. Nobody wants to age.
  13. Seeking out Anti-Aging Products and Services start at a much younger age now than decades ago. And, it is more natural and “maintenance-like.”
  14. An expensive car, art pieces and luxury products (including new-age books and spiritual healing practices, knowledge of the human brain in every sense) can only be sold to those who belong to higher-middle class all the way to the rich and famous. Therefore, luxury-type, but non-anti-aging companies must find this well to do demographics and speak to them.
  15. Academic research, and therefore finding a “cure” for anything, would NOT exist without sponsors of research. Some of these sponsors are branded companies. Without charities, we could not help causes. Charities are represented by celebrities in order to get attention. Charities fundraise in order to pay for publicity. The people they fundraise from are you and me!.

Summary: The conductor plays the orchestra.  All musicians within the orchestra play their own instrument.  The conductor is standing on a comprehensive platform, conducting the music that is heard by a very large audience. The music is new and interesting. It was never heard before because the combination of the instruments was never orchestrated together like THIS before.  Youthful and Ageless™ is the conductor orchestrating you into a new paradigm; the audience is the worldwide population of the well to do; the platform is the Internet publicized to millions on various media venues eventually gaining half a billion in audience.

Because there is not an anti-aging lifestyle without being anti-cancer; anti-age related illnesses; anti-environmentally caused problems, anti-negative patterns of thoughts and false subconscious messaging, which can make you rich or poor, healthy or ill. And, there is no research on these subjects without the Revlons of the world! And, there is no knowledge about them without a story written and celebrities standing up along with you!  See partial and full graphic design.


We are “Bringing Information to Billions” and that is “An Honorable Cause.” The World is changing, change with it and you will change the World!

Most Sincerely,
Adrienne Papp
CEO and President

Our Proprietary Products and Services Platform was Built with the Single Purpose of Helping and Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to Prosper, Get Found and Matched with Their EXACT and Unique Consumer Base that Otherwise Cannot be Reached!

Simplicity and Sophistication™
Think NEW! ™

Regardless of how great your company and ideas are, how perfect your products are, if you cannot be matched with your exact consumer base you will not be able to stay alive as a business. The lack of accurate marketing and publicity is the single reason as to why 95% of all small businesses fail.

The anti-aging revolution started about 5 years ago and is more than a $500 billion dollar growth per year industry.

The  key demographics for this huge market include i Baby Boomers, Generation X and even the Millennials  (who grew up with more information and access to modern technology, and they seek to live a healthier lifestyle.)

The Demographics are specific within the generational age groups listed above. If you want to sell your products or provide your services in the modern world of digital marketing you NEED TO be matched up with your target audience with a laser sharp accuracy, or else you, as the provider/manufacturer, simply will be swallowed by contradictory and overwhelming information on the Net. You will never achieve an interactive relationship with your clientele. You will simply not be found. Your name is not known worldwide, does not express what you make or provide, or what benefits your products offer to consumers.   People’s 8 second attention span today REQUIRES THAT YOU ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR TARGETED BUYERS AT ALL TIMES. SEO DOES NOT HELP AT ALL. (See below why it is a waste of time, money and efforts)

As you Know: Obstacles in targeting your buyers and actually SELLING TO THEM are many:

  1. Constant publicity is impossible for even the biggest companies in the world, yet it is a MUST.
  2. People do NOT remember names and titles a second after a commercial of ANY kind is over. The only way to get to your target audience is to repeat the exact same 15 second or 30 second message over and over again until it becomes a household name.
  3. People do NOT UNDERSTAND why your product is different from all others, especially if it is NEW, and what the benefits are. You need to educate them.
  4. Even if you were airing a commercial for millions of dollars on high-end media outlets such as CNN, or the OWN Network, as an example, you CANNOT EXPLAIN a complex health issue, your solution for it, and DISTINGUISH YOURSELF WITHIN 30 SECONDS. The consumer will NOT understand it even if you repeat it for a year, which would be financially impossible.
  5. You NEED TO USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE AND A GENERAL MESSAGE AS OPPOSED TO THE NAME OF YOUR PRODUCT, OR COMPANY, WHICH WILL NOT BE REMEMBERED. Sending a message such as “ Live a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle” is plenty to remember for the consumer, and at the same time cannot be forgotten, especially with our life-long, non-stop Publicity 365 concept.
  6. Once an exciting but simple message is out and around the world at ALL TIMES, there is no need to remember specific names, with consumers jotting down your 800 number or your web address only to end up on the wrong webpage.
  7. Flat out advertisement, whether in print or TV/Radio/ Airlines that forces products onto the consumer, are not well received. You need simplicity and sophistication by creating a general awareness about what you have to offer. A subliminal message is worth years of flat out ads.
  8. Unless you are on the most recognized and highest quality TV Networks, Airlines, Syndicated Radio, Exclusive Social Media, etc …and PROPERLY presented, you are not credible. You can say anything about yourself on your website and buyers know that. You have to have journalistically credible recognition by a third party. Hence comes our articles, our celebrities, and a professional presentation of your company on the most recognizable outlets including CNN, FOX Business News, Lifetime Real Women, Oprah Winfrey, American Airlines and other major media as collectively seen here.  Not only we gain the highest outreach for you, but also hearing the message from these worldwide-recognized outlets by the consumer creates credibility for you. Trust is everything!.
  9. You MUST talk to your customers from these highly recognized outlets, not only for quality assurance, but also for the sake of quantity of quality buyers. This is how you reach the largest and most affluent target audience with expendable income. Your consumers are hungry for your products except they do not know you are even on the market or how to find you. There are thousands of examples of this disturbing reality. We are here to change that with Publicity 365.
  10. You need to establish ”likability” with your consumers. In today’s world trust is key. You can only achieve this by engaging them emotionally (humans think with emotions). Even children learn by association to a story. Tell your story, the inspiration that led you to what you are doing today and people will seek you out. See the example of Steve Jobs. Nobody understood computers and emails at the time, but everyone was interested in the story of the man in a garage. Today the whole world operates on what came to be known as personal computing. But it all started with an emotional engagement from consumers. To this day there is not one film made about Apple, but many about the “man behind the machine,” Steve Job’s life. People are drawn to success, creativity, inspiration, and sophistication by story telling. Job’s death was mourned around the world. People are still connected to the spirit of Apple and not the products alone.
  11. We at Youthful and Ageless accept you in the program because we believe in you. We give you the title “ America’s Most Promising Companies,” which you are.

What is Y&A’s Products and Services Platform Exactly?

Y&A is the world’s first and largest marketplace to match sellers and buyers. It’s a web-based platform (next generational Internet) to connect you with your consumers as explained above. It is consumer friendly: Consumers need to be able to find you in less than a minute. It explains who you are, which connects them with you on an emotional level and establishes trust. The biggest media outlets in the world have approved our Y&A program! This confirms that the concept itself in its entirety is futuristic and compatible with Google’s Internet plan for the future. This fact all by itself summarizes it all.

Your Success Starts with Your Decision and Our Platform!

In addition to the Products and Services section of the platform is Academic and Holistic Research, with exclusives, Nobel Prize Winning Scientists, in 5 categories adding not only more credibility to you, but allowing you to broadcast your own research material, thus gaining visitors that are searching for information on Academia every day.  The number of these readers is estimated to be over 300 millions per day.

Academic Research cannot exist without sponsorship. These companies and individuals are listed under sponsors of Research or Charities.  They all have one cause or another, they are inventors and contributors to a better World and collectively they represent An Honorable Cause. Crown all of the above with the Entertainment Industry making films about health related, or cause related true stories and we deliver on another 2 trillion dollar industry. These true stories support our platform and invite cause-conscious celebrities to participate with us.

The Anti-Aging Industry is a Global Movement!

In Summary: By participating in our platform with all its elements , your products and services are delivered to more than half a billion of your OWN LASER SHARP TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS looking at you over time every day!  This ALONE replaces SEO because with SEO nothing is achieved. It does not and cannot sort out your SPECIFIC demographics, therefore people will not find or buy what you sell. They do not have the means. They are most likely not subscribers of cable TV and do not need the sophistication your Products and Services offer. SEO only places you on the first page, but you will not gain anything from that UNLESS THE CONSUMER KNOWS YOUR EXACT NAME, has already heard about you and seeks you out. At this point we arrive to the most crucial tipping point and change in marketing, publicity and creating awareness about you: It is not JUST branding anymore! It is SELLING WHILE BRANDING. Your brand recognition will come automatically, but you do not need millions of dollars and 7-10 years to achieve branding. The equation has changed: you sell first and brand continuously as your income allows.

Topping this all comes the fact that by adding all participants together not only you gain over consumers who did not know about you, but three things happen:

  1. Our website is larger than anyone’s due to the many sites and backlinks by high-end media outlets, and all our client participants being aggregated, along with articles and videos.
  2. By DEFINITION of the words Youthful and Ageless, the expressions of An Honorable Cause, AntiAgingComapnies.com, The Ageless Matrix, we bring you ONLY your EXACT clientele, which will result in purchases and consumer loyalty.
  3. The entire platform connects you to a very humane cause: none of us can control ANYTHING except what we put in or on our bodies and how we think. Our platform looks at how we solve complex problems and drive the world forward. By you participating in the improvement of all concerned you initiate a change and your cause remains a legacy! This fact alone is indeed AN HONORABLE CAUSE.

We encourage all wellness and health-related companies and practitioners to participate in the Anti-Aging Movement by participating in our platform. Staying Ageless simply means: Living a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle by Finding out About America’s Most Promising Companies and Ongoing Research. We believe your company serves this very noble purpose, as Health is EVERYTHING!

Your Cost: We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to match you with millions of your own consumers at an extremely affordable rate. Your expense is not only tax deductible but also is truly cost effective. Just ask us and you will think you heard it wrong!

And, as Oscar Wilde said, we too, have the simplest tastes.
We are always satisfied with the best!

The making and distribution of this platform supports hundreds of thousands of American jobs and work hours.

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Internet Statistics 2016

  1. There are 3.26 billion internet users as at December 2015; that’s over 40% of the world population.
  2. Asia, as a continent, has the most internet users. It accounts for 48.4% of global internet users.
  3. China, as a country, has the most internet users; with an estimated 640 million internet users, the number of internet users in China is twice the number of theentire U.S population.
  4. China has the highest percentage of internet user (21.97%), followed by the U.S. (9.58%) and India (8.33%).
  5. Bermuda has the highest internet penetration at 97.75%; a whopping 63,987 of Bermuda’s 65,461 population uses the internet.
  6. In contrast, while a whopping 86.75% of the U.S. Population uses the internet, the U.S. is only ranked #25 in terms of internet penetration. The U.K. ranks #15 in terms of internet penetration with an estimated 89.90% of U.K. citizens using the internet.
  7. Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015.
  8. By 2017, there will be more internet traffic than all prior internet years combined.
  9. Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will generate 68%
    of all internet traffic by 2017.
  10. In 2015, 64% of all in-store sales, or sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion, were influenced by the internet.
  11. Facebook now has 1.55 billion active users.
  12. 2.9 billion Google searches are made every day. 2.7 million blog posts are published every day.

E-commerce and Conversion Statistics 2016

  1. 40% of global internet users, or more than 1 billion people, have bought products or goods online.
  2. The U.S. e-commerce economy is worth $349 billion while China’s e-commerce economy is worth $562.66 billion.
  3. A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion, and 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  4. Slow loading websites cost the U.S. e-commerce market more than $500 billion annually. To avoid that, go and find yourself a reliable host from those web hosting reviews and get yourself on a consumer friendly, consumer convenient platform.
  5. Online retail sales in the U.K. reached an estimated £52.25 billion in 2015, with the average shopper spending £1,174.
  6. Worldwide B2C e-commerce sales reached $1.7 trillion in 2015, and it is estimated to reach $2.35 trillion by 2018.
  7. 8 out of 10 consumers will shop online if offered free
  8. Personalized recommendations can increase conversion rates by up to 5.5 times.
  9. 51% of U.S. online shoppers cite slow site loading times as the top reason they abandon a purchase.
  10. 34% of British consumers cite a store’s reputable brand name for being their reason for shopping with a brand, while 38% cite social media interaction as their reason for visiting a retailer’s website.
  11. 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels, often in the process of shopping, before making a purchase; that’s a massive increase from 10% in 2002, and it goes to show the increasing importance
    of having an online presence in as many places as possible.
  12. While mobile internet usage is high, desktop and tablet internet usage still leads for conversions; an estimated 8.52% of desktop users add to cart and an estimated 2.78% convert to sales. This is much higher than Smartphone conversion rates with an estimated 4.70% add to cart rate and an estimated 0.80% sales conversion rate. The number is much higher when you consider conversion rates from tablets and other mobile devices, but desktop still
    leads when it comes to actual sales.
  13. An increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74% (this is based on data monitoring real user activity from 33 major retailers).
  14. Increasingly shrinking attention span keeps influencing e-commerce; in 2010, a page that took 6 seconds to load suffered a 40% loss in conversion.Today, a page that takes 6 seconds to load will experience a 50% loss in conversion.
  15. The abandonment rate for mobile shopping cart is higher (at 97%) than that of desktop shopping carts (at 70 – 75%).
  16. E-commerce sales from social media grew by 202% in 2014, and is expected to further increase.
  17. The average human attention span has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now.This is much shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (at 9 seconds). This was revealed by a recent study by Microsoft Corp. that surveyed 2,000 people and monitored brain activity of 112 others using electroencephalograms (EEGs).
  18. Most importantly: SEO is dead. You can spend $6,000 – $ 10,000 per months on SEO + another $10,000 on social media, it does not mean anything.Anyone can get on the first page of Google for as long asyour potential buyers KNOW EXACTLY THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY AND PRODUCTS, WHICH OF COURSE THEY DO NOT. If you get yourself into a store, you will have to work twice as hard to make money and 3 times as hard to get OUT of the stores and online where you can actually really sell and make a reasonable amount of profit to at the very least keep yourself in business.