Celebrities and Dignitaries Unite to Create a Better World for all of Us By Leveraging Technology

By Adrienne Papp

On a magical night and unforgettable evening, VIP guests, dignitaries, and beautiful people all came together to celebrate the Sino-American Finance Association (SAFA) Summer Convention 2017. The entire event was designed to bring people together to create a happier, healthier life for all of us on the planet, which was expressed by the key slogan: “Wall Street to Main Street.” The event was hosted by Joey Zhou, a world recognized host of HTTV, and the glamorous Gigi Yam, who is also a successful TV personality. Later in the night VIP guests, sponsors and producers all held hands while singing the song “We are the World” together.

SAFA President, Dr. Sean Li introduced the red carpet and celebrity packed event, with a warm and very personable welcome, which created a pleasant and friendly atmosphere from the start, and further expressed the purpose of the ceremony.

I have been to many red carpet events in my life, but this one topped it all! The ambiance was special and welcoming. People mingled, pictures were taken and exchanges with one another filled the air and we all felt a sense of belonging. There was a cozy “togetherness” in the room as Joey, Sean and Gigi emceed the entire evening between presentations.

Joey Zhou, who is a speaker of SAFA, Co-Host of CMC Media Company, Producer of the “Zhou Zheng Show and Beautiful Life,” Vise Chairman of The Chinese American Communication Association at Grand Valley University, and Hollywood producer for the Documentary “Chasing Dreams,” started the night with enthusiasm and personal attention just like his celebrity status would entail. One needs to meet Joey in person to feel his charming, personable and bubbly personality, which spontaneously creates ease, while his cheerful high spirits fills the room around him.

Among the attendees were:

Special Guest, Buisnessman Laurence Ogden, who flew into Los Angeles to attend the event

Gigi Yam, TV Host in Los Angeles, who was also on stage with Joey during the entire evening. She also serves as the Vice President of the Morning Light Foundation and Director of Hong Kong School Alumni Federation

Carlos Amezcua and Sharon Amezcua at the 2017 SAFA Summer Convention

Adrienne Papp, President of High-Tech Youthful and Ageless,  and Victor Migalchan at the 2017 SAFA Summer Celebrity Gala Convention

Victor Migalchan, World Martial Arts Champion, Hollywood Actor, Producer and Martial Arts Choreographer, Red Carpet and TV Host, CEO at the American Hollywood Film Academy and International Migalchan Martial Arts Academy, who also is the President of an International Legal & Business Consulting Company

Gina Ding, Red Carpet TV Host, HTTV: The Beauty of Angels Competition

Michelle Wu, CEO/Registered Tax Professional

Lucy Li, Sales & Marketing Assistant at MDSUN Skin Care

The event focused on finance and technology and how immensely important it is to take care of our planet by coming together and living a happier, healthier life.

One of the keynote speakers and presenter of advanced technology about how we can leverage technology for a healthier life, which coincidentally enough is what our Youthful and Ageless Program also represents, was Dr. Jonathan Reichental, who is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the city of Palo Alto. He is a multiple award-winning technology leader whose 25-year career has spanned both the private and public sectors. In 2017, he was named one of the top 20 most influential CIOs in the United States.

Dr. Reichental is also recognized as a global thought leader on the future of urban innovation. His presentation about the gridlock by cars on the road nearly in every city in the world was very realistic and eye opening.

He enlightened the audience about the importance of stopping car exhaust in the air, which increases global warming by one degree, which is quite serious taken the fact that down just six digits it would land us in the ice age.

We learned that in the very near future cars would drive themselves without humans driving them. And by switching to this new technology we are saving the Planet and our health. My own technologically advanced platform about the complexity of human health fits very naturally into this environmental reality. I was lucky enough to have a few words with Dr. Reichental and I could tell that he is pure genius!

Jonathan’s mind is very fast! He is brilliant in understanding logistics and how leveraging technology, which is what my very company, Atlantic Publicity happens to do as well, can advance even digital branding. With the proper logistics we are now able to create computer based educational material about health, wealth, and even anti-aging properties, while also bringing articles on the air through many TV networks, airlines and nationally syndicated radio, which concept did not exist before! It was an honor to meet him in person and we agreed on a continuation of thoughts and creation. After all, we are all on this planet to improve!

Joey Zhou and Gigi Yam, Masters of Ceremony at the 2017 Sino-American Finance Association ‘Wall Street to Main Street” Red Carpet Gala Event

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Presenting about Global Warming and Technology

He is also recognized as a global thought leader on the future of urban innovation. In 2013 he was recognized as one of the 25 “doers, dreamers and drivers” in government in America. He also won the best CIO in Silicon Valley award and a national IT leadership prize. The White House has also recognized his innovative work in government! He works with his teams to apply technology innovation in organizations to create new value and to enable work to be more meaningful and fun.

He also is a popular writer, including recently co-authoring The Apps Challenge Playbook and he is a frequent public speaker on a wide range of technology and business-related topics. He co-hosts the popular podcast, Drinking Wine Talking Tech.

Other guests and speakers included Dr. Sean Li, CEO and Founder Ping and Center; Joseph Kung, Founder of Dream do Come True; Dr. Gray Chen, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, COMSI; Dr. Yonggang Li, Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California; Dr. Liping Yan, Technical Specialist LADWP; Dawn Pitts, Business Development Executive of Ignite Funding; Dr. Jack Fu, Chigong Master, Taichi Acupuncture; Ryan Swindells, Assistant Account Manager at Ping An Center.

I was touched and humbled to be part of the VIP & Dignitaries table, meeting the most extraordinary people, a privilege that might happen once in a lifetime.

Amongst them were Chin Ho Liao, Councilmember, City of San Gabriel; NFL Star Ron Brown;  and Victor Migalchan, President of LEADXPRO, International Legal & Business Consulting Company.

And my dearest friend and confidant of 7 years, the World Famous Building and Interior Designer, and General Contractor, the One and Only Distinguishably Gorgeous, Sandra Costa! Her specialty is designing first class restaurants, five star hotels, and multi-million dollar mansions, while also manufacturing her own furniture designs! She starts from scratch and finishes to the very end. Her work is extraordinary! The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is that “little EXTRA” that Dame Sandra delivers with ease and joy!  Her own beauty and style reflects the person she is deep down. Sandra is a giving soul, an inspirational spirit, a truly humble heart, a woman of her own, who wears many hats, – AND THAT I mean literally! She catches eyes as she walks by, she is classy and allows herself to be who she really is: a leader, an inspiration, a celebrity and a true friend! On this magical night she was a distinguished and honored guest of Joey Zhou.

Joey Zhou, Gigi Yam, and President of SAFA, Dr. Sean Li

Talk Show Host, Joey Zhou, Lady Sandra Costa, winner of a high-tech futuristic device, and Gigi Yam at the 2017 SAFA Red Carpet Gala Dinner

The event was enhanced by live music and a raffle for some very attractive prizes. One winner received a first class ticket to China with her husband, accommodation in 5 star hotels and a sight seeing trip. Other winners received high-tech devices that are new to the market.

We were all touched by the event and the magic of the night! Everyone was happy, the room was filled with high-energy and love. Some attendees flew in from China just for this particular night!

Products that were showcased included: Intelligent Eye Protection Desk Light that protects eyes, while offering light, music, time, alarm, encyclopedia, radio, study companion functions and much, much more.

The Xiaoyi Translator was a surprise to everyone. It actually made it possible to communicate between two people, one speaking only Chinese, and the other only English.The features are: High accuracy; Fast Translation, Scenario Recognition, Long lasting Battery Life, portability and even more.

The Lingxi Voice Assistant is an amazing mobile application, it makes phone calls, set your alarm, gives directions, find activities, chat/tell a joke, and other fun features.

The Happy Panda made for children has customized contents, Scientific Education, Interactive Communication, Language cultivation.

The vast amount of technology presented was mesmerizing. World leading interactive voice engine and voice chip, “ Let the world listen to us” by National Intelligent Speech high-tech industrialization base, located in China was showcased.

IFLYTEK CO., LTD. (iFLYTEK), established in 1999, is a Chinese key software enterprise dedicated to the research of intelligent speech and language technologies, development of software and chip products, pro-vision of speech information services, and integration of E-government systems. The intelligent speech technology of iFLYTEK, the core technology of the company, represents the top level in the world.

Among the sponsors of the event were: West California Academy of Art and Design; TRAVELERS; Kaito Electronics, Inc.; Taichi Acupuncture; COMSI; PING AN Group Inc.

The sit down dinner was also accompanied by live music that we all have enjoyed, just an extra touch to make the night unforgettable. Another touching moment was the play of the National Anthem of both countries.

Dr. George Sun and Lady Adrienne Papp, Journalist / Publicist / President of High-Tech Beauty Magazine, Youthful and Ageless

Attendees of the SAFA 2017 Summer Convention singing together “We Are The World”

The event was opened by Dr. Sean Li, who is the President of SAFA. An amazing man, full of heart! The print on his business card reads: “Helping people live happier, healthier and wealthier lives with more honor and peace,” tells you all about him. The Sino-American Finance Association (SAFA) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit 501 (C) organization committed to facilitate information exchange in education, culture, regulation and business practices of finance and its related areas between the United States and China. The specific mission of the organization is to create a bridge between the two countries for financial institutions and professionals in order to foster their collaboration. Incorporated and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, SAFA is aimed to create a platform for both country’s  financial institutions and professionals and anyone who is interested in the exchange and communication in the emerging financial-technology community (such as Fintech) to catch the emerging financial waves.

The main highlight of the event was Carlos Amezcua, who was the afternoon anchor of Patriot Radio in Los Angeles. (Previously, Amezcua was the anchor of KTTV FOX News,) and his breathtakingly beautiful wife, Sharon Amezcua, a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, who has created, built, accelerated, invested in and exited hundreds of companies across the globe. Sharon is an inspiration to all of us! At the dinner party Sharon and Carlos graciously gave certificates to the younger side of SAFA and wished them a happier, healthier life! The surprise to me personally was that, at Atlantic Publicity’s Youthful and Ageless High-Tech driven program, we also have an editorial message that advocates a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle.

Another interesting presentation was given by Dr. Gary Chen, who introduced us to the concept of Telemedicine.

Joey, a world recognized host of HTTV broadcasting on a regular bases  has maintained a classy broadcast combined with fun and laughter during the night keeping the attendees involved and broadcasting transformational messages.

All in all, it was an enlightening and uplifting event that will stay in our hearts forever.

Celebrities and Dignitaries at the “Wall Street to Main Street” SAFA Conference, Dame Adrienne Papp in Black, Next to Joey Zhou Talk Show Host to 500 Million Viewers, and Dame Sandra Costa”

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