The Concept of Our Proprietary Youthful and Ageless™ Publicity Platform

A New Approach, a New Paradigm, a Solution for Small Businesses
(This is not a SEO program or an ordinary website!!!)

The Short Description of our Proprietary Platform Y&A

Sometimes a new concept comes along and because it’s so new it’s difficult to grasp at first. Where we may not have initially understood such odd sounding concepts as Google and the iPhone, those revolutionary concepts are now very much part of the mainstream and used by billions around the globe.

As so it is with an innovative new concept called Youthful & Ageless™ (Y&A for short,) An Honorable Cause,™ This visionary new platform provides an environment for a vast array of health and beauty services, a place where smaller startup companies can grow and prosper. If you offer nourishing food choices, beauty items in any form, nutraceuticals or supplements, eco-friendly products, exercise equipment, sports related items, or new and mindful ways of thinking, or you are an Innovator of anything new, then Y&A™, An Honorable Cause™ is the place for you, a home base where your information is transmitted to your potential customers around the world endlessly.

Conceived by Adrienne Papp, a well-known economist with a Master of Science in Economics and major in Logistics, MBA, journalist and marketing and advertising executive, the concept of Youthful & Ageless™, An Honorable Cause™ now means that the smallest companies can connect with a worldwide audience through targeted, ongoing Internet, Exquisite TV Networks, Radio, Articles, Videos, etc.. exposure to your SPECIFIC target audience.

This is how it works. We offer a comprehensive environment of health and wellness where your information can be discovered.  To get your story told we begin by creating a core feature story written by veteran journalists. This is phase one of a comprehensive package that also offers the following benefits:

  • We make sure your core story and information are constantly exposed to the growing billions on the Internet. Constant exposure at the highest level is key to the successful marketing of your business, yet was impossible to achieve in the past. It would cost you millions.
  • We also provide exposure on the highest profile media outlets, like American Airlines, Oprah, etc… to reach a vast global audience.
  • We connect your customers with your information so that they can be educated about the products or services you have to offer. Our innovative proprietary platform ensures you can have an interactive relationship with your consumers.

In summary, Youthful & Ageless™ offers a unique opportunity for companies specializing in heath, wellness and beauty products and innovators to offer the benefits of their products and services to a vast international market for minimal investment or on sponsorship. There has never been anything like this before.

By offering this advanced new platform as a vehicle for transmitting important life giving and life sustaining information to millions, Youthful & Ageless™ has created the ultimate win-win for all concerned.

Besides helping small companies, we feel that bringing information to billions in the right way is also An Honorable Cause™ For a more detailed description of the program, please send us a response email and simply Google the expressions : “An Honorable Cause,”  or “Ageless Matrix,” or “Happier, Healthier, Ageless “ and visit We also give you the title: “America’s Most Promising Companies” because we believe you are. America was built on small enterprises with brilliant ideas just like yours.

We welcome You into the Future!

Below are some of the video production work by Atlantic Publicity.

For a more detailed description of the program, please read on.

A New, Happier and Healthier, more Youthful and Ageless lifestyle is now dominating the market.  A tremendous interest in the way we look at our overall health is shaping the choices consumers make when buying food and lifestyle products.

This revolution is literally changing the world. From learning about better and more nourishing food choices, to the way we think; from beauty items to internal nutraceuticals, and various futuristic products and services, including Eco-friendly items, are all part of this ever-growing industry, which is growing faster than any other, with annual growth of 400 billion dollars just in spas and wellness centers alone. This is, therefore, and exciting industry to be part of. Every one of you has some unique, product or service to sell.

So, how make your products/services and your story known to consumers around the world? Do you have a voice? Can you compete with million dollar ads, or you are barely getting by?

America was built on small companies that created extraordinary products and services. But, unfortunately most of these innovative companies, like yours, do not have millions of dollars for publicity. As a Master of Science in Economics, majoring in Logistics, an Economist, MBA, Journalist, Marketing and Advertising Executive, I made it my mission to help and even sponsor small companies overcome this huge problem and promote the brilliant ideas and hard work of the talented.

Below, we explain not only how you can get your message out to half a billion people within a year, and put yourself on the map in your particular field before the market gets overloaded. You can now promote your uniqueness and have a continued advantage in the market for decades to come.

Think of this concept as a new application for publicity on your smartphone.

It ‘s a fact that any one of us can only control really one thing: ourselves – what we eat, drink, how we think, how we take care of ourselves and what information we choose to absorb.  Therefore, educating the public at large is crucial in this new health conscious industry promoted by Youthful & Ageless. You need to educate your buyers in order for them to understand your product so that they make the right choice in buying it. While you explain the “WHY, you empower them with knowledge and bond with them.  You create consumer loyalty through education.  This huge consumer base also has a heightened awareness of cancer research, anti-aging research, the science of the mind and other forms of holistic medicine.

Connecting these intertwined fields is what Youthful & Ageless does.  This new paradigm has a tremendous value for all involved. We are a family of products and services that connect with each other thus providing a consumer convenient way to BE FOUND on ONE platform!

Participation in our platform also provides the satisfaction that “ giving back,” or “playing it forward” can empower you with. Getting back to nature and caring about nature is part of this, as its beauty energizes every cell in your body. Healing with the Arts is now part of various health programs at research facilities at places like UCLA.

There is no question a comprehensive approach to wellness and happiness has now arrived. To take advantage of this growing, dynamic field you should ask yourself:

1. Are you being found by your customers? Probably not. And, the reason is NOT the lack of SEO.  The reason is people simply do not know that your product exists. It is new and different. There is no way they can even Google it precisely because they do not know your name. If they simply hear about the name of your product, they will not understand HOW AND WHY it helps them. (On top of all this, most products/companies have a name that does not identify it).

2. Therefore, an independent third party, preferably the media, needs to write a journalistically credible articleabout you.  Even if your customers find your website, what you are saying about yourself there might not be clear to them. This is why we write very personable, fact-filled and emotionally charged articles that the consumers can relate to. By getting to know YOU, they will trust the product as well.

3. People do not remember names of products and services even on high profile trusted media outlets.  This is a fact and even if you spend half a million dollars on advertising, it will not buy you enough publicity to brand yourself to the degree that people recognize your name as iconic. These days, people care MORE about WHAT they put in their body or on their skin and sometimes the newer and smaller the company is the one the discriminating consumer trusts. If you wish, I can consult with you on the phone about this very specific reality.

4. Unless constant repetition with a simple message is running on various high-end media venues all at the same time, the consumer will simply forget the message in a short period of time. CONSTANT AND NEVER ENDING EXPOSURE IS A MUST, but IT IS NOT AFFORDABLE!

For illustration purposes ONLY: the company’s name is: Atlantic United. And the product is “Drink Up Natures’ Best.”  Here is the problem: the consumer does not understand to start with what the company even makes Even if you advertise for a whole year on high end media outlets, which will cost millions, the consumer will NOT remember the second the advertisement is over. The only way to avoid this is advertising a persistent and never ending, never stopping, simple message that refers to a Happier, Healthier, Anti-Aging Lifestyle. If you perfectly describe the essence of your product then, and ONLY then, will the consumer buy!

5. In order to achieve a clear understanding by

a) Baby boomers that are spending billions on anti-aging products, thus creating a HUGE demand

b) Young generations are more health conscious today, opting for healthier foods and lifestyle products and services.

Your message must achieve one, and ONLY one outcome: to draw their attention to a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle. On high-end media outlets you cannot explain your products or services within 30 seconds. You can only communicate a common message, which consists of common words and a simple story. The anti-aging and health conscious movement is a new industry, just like the green, ECO friendly industry was 20-30 years ago.  It statistically takes 17 years before anything enters into the minds of society at large. So, how can you achieve a constant market presence with your potential customers without wasting millions of dollars? We think the problem can be solved by becoming part of the platform of Youthful and Ageless, ™ because the presence of our platform will never end and it will consistently broadcast your core message ad infinitum.

6. So now we have educated your consumer about your products and services. They bonded with you emotionally through a journalistic article emotionally. Think about the story of Bill Gates, or Steve Job. Nobody understood computers at the time, but we followed their personal stories and were intrigued.  There have been 4 or maybe more stories made into films and documentaries about Steve jobs, but NONE on Apple, the company.

7. We have also determined that people do not need to remember your name or your product’s name. Imagine going to Whole Foods.  The consumer stands in an aisle full of products with “weird” yet creative names. But UNLESS the consumer has heard about you over and over again in simple terms, has read the benefits of the product and can see a constant presence on the market and information on the Internet, they will simply walk right past you.

8. Youthful and Ageless™ Bringing Information to Billions, An honorable Cause is a platform that connects the dots. You are the manufacturer, you wake up with your products on your mind proudly every day, but the buyers do NOT. The brilliant marketing and publicity platform of Youthful and Ageless™ is designed to bridge the gap between the consumer and the product.

You can stop this read right here if you are a manufacturer or a service provider, but for full disclosure on how large your audience shall become once you are on the Y&A platform please read on.

9. Youthful and Ageless™ also offers Academic Research, thus achieving two principals and outcomes

a. Those who search on various academic subjects, and research findings from anti-aging research to cancer research will also sooner or later land on Y&A.

People who have been diagnosed with cancer, preventative measures to prevent age-related illnesses by eating healthier, curiosity about what can manifest through neuroscience, the electrical nature of the human body, the individual energy field we all have, the indescribable power of the human brain…. are all subjects that people are searching the internet RIGHT NOW.

It is estimated to be over 300 million of these searches a day. Therefore, Academic research is made availablethrough our publicity efforts and from the same platform that you are featured on. Therefore you have the advantage of a tremendous additional viewership. Youthful & Ageless offers free publicity to research institutes that do NOT have the money to fund their projects, let alone publicize themselves.

b. Second: not only you have gained well over 300 million pairs of EXTRA eyes within a year statistically, just by being on the same platform, but you are also part of an Honorable Cause. America’s Most Promising Companies. We at Youthful and Ageless™ are proud of you and your contribution to a better world, and proud of our platform. An Honorable Cause is part of our effort to give exposure on research findings of the people who are following their heart, their passion, their mission, and tireless contribution.

10. The companies that sponsor academic research, or research of any kind are the Revlons of the World.  Look no further than The Revlon Breast Center at UCLA as an example of their committed sponsorship.

We, at Y&A give them, and all those individuals that contribute to the world at large by way of sponsorship, charity or a good deed a voice that speaks to all of us because they indeed are on a mission of an HONORABLE cause WHEN they are funding charities, or various research programs, or sponsorships of any kind.  Without them, there would not be research or advancement in science. The Entertainment Industry, to, contribute on a very large scale to a new and educational way of looking at the world by making true, inspirational stories into films.

As they join us on our platform they bring in their own audience, which is expected to spend 2 trillion dollars this year.  We now have another million pairs of eyes and the support from celebrities who are humble enough to support a good cause.

11. It is obvious that by connecting all those organizations we have a win-win situation for everyone involved. (See the graphic below). Y&A can afford to publicize small and truly futuristic companies, extraordinary people with extraordinary ideas on high-end and trustworthy media venues such as those listed below.

You are simply part of a Unified, Inter-Active, Multi-Media, Digital Platform that is Jointly Supported by Teamwork Infused by Futuristic Products and Services, Academic Findings, True Stories Made into Films and All Those that DARE TO CARE!  And that is the platform of Youthful and Ageless ™, Bringing Information to Billions, An Honorable Cause!

Thank you for joining the good fight, and achieving your soul’s desire!

Most truly yours,

Adrienne Papp

Founder and President

P.S.: Let’s now get into a bit of technicalities:



Just to clarify, Youthful & Ageless is not selling anything. Atlantic Publicity has been in business since 1992. This is not a new undertaking; it is a FUTURISTIC collection of information that is basically an application.

12. In order to clearly understand the platform, think of Hautelook. Thousands and thousands of designers are listed under that collective domain.  The consumer loves it because they only care about whether or not the clothing will make hem seem more stylish. The same with Y&A. The consumer does not care WHO makes the product and WHAT the name of the product is, except in our case it is about their health and they need to read emotionally bonding articles about you. Therefore, not only has the consumer found you, but they learn about you, your company and the person behind the company and will seek you out and spread your information by word of mouth, building your brand all at the same time. So, as opposed to the old way of marketing where you needed 17 years to brand yourself before you could sell, you are now selling WHILE branding.

13. There are various high-end media outlets where Y&A will constantly be publicized, talked about and will be running EDITORIAL type of commercials.

14. We are utilizing high profile media outlets like CNN, Airport Network, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, CBS Nationally syndicated radio: People of Distinction and the Oprah Winfrey Network just to mention a few. This will enable you to send YOUR message to millions of people around the world, ensuring you have publicity for life. Also, by connecting these three categories – Products and Services (and companies that will all have their individual demographics with them), Academic Research (which brings in millions of people) and gigantic corporations whose demographics are the same as yours – it all adds up to a multi-media, digital, communication platform that unites those looking for health related answers and those who are determined to do everything they can to slow the aging process.

15. Under the “Articles” section Y&A will publish your feature stories based on our interviews with you, but also anything you might want to write. These articles will be INDIVIDUALLY optimized and found by millions, landing most likely on the first page of Google. The Y&A platform will be robotically optimized through our proprietary SEO and our proprietary platform, Y&A itself. Social media will also be used optimally to get the message to an ever-growing audience.

Unified in honesty

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