What is the Y&A’s, Products and Services Platform Exactly?

Y&A is the world’s first and largest marketplace to match sellers and buyers. It’s a web-based platform (next generational Internet) to connect you with your consumers as explained above. It is consumer friendly: Consumers need to be able to find you in less than a minute. It explains who you are, which connects them with you on an emotional level and establishes trust. Our Y&A program has been approved by the biggest media outlets in the world! This confirms that the concept itself in its entirety is futuristic and compatible with Google’s Internet plan for the future. This fact all by itself summarizes it all.

Your Success Starts with Your Decision and Our Platform.

Additionally to the Products and Services section of the platform is Academic and Holistic Research, with exclusives, Nobel Prize Winner Scientist, in 5 categories adding not only more credibility to you, but allowing you to broadcast your own research material thus gaining visitors that are searching on one form of Academia or another right now as you read this summary.  The number of these readers are estimated to be over 300 + millions.

Academic Research cannot exist without sponsorship. These companies and individuals are listed under sponsors of Research or Charities.  They all have one cause or another, they are inventors and contributors to a better World, collectively: they represent An Honorable Cause.

Crown all of the above with the Entertainment Industry making films about health related, or cause related true stories and we arrive to yet another 2 trillion dollar industry. These true stories support our platform and invite cause conscious celebrities. Not to mention the very fact that nobody in this industry or any beauty related field wants to age a minute. The Anti-Aging Industry is a Global Movement.

In Summary: By ensuring on the platform that all elements, which belong together both logistically and logically are together, you arrive to more than half a billion of your OWN LASER SHARP TARGET DEMOGRAPHICS looking at you over time every day!  This ALONE replaces SEO because with SEO nothing is achieved. It does not  and cannot sort out your SPECIFIC demographics, therefore people will not buy what you sell. They do not have the means. They are most likely not subscribers of cable TV and do not need the sophistication your Products and Services offer. SEO only places you on the first page, but you will not gain anything from that UNLESS THE CONSUMER KNOWS YOUR EXACT NAME, has already heard about you and seeks you out. At this point we arrive to the most crucial tipping point and change in marketing, publicity and creating awareness about you: It is not JUST branding anymore! It is SELLING WHILE BRANDING. Your brand recognition will come automatically, but you do not need millions of dollars and 7-10 years to achieve branding. The equation has changed: you sell first and brand continuously as your income allows.

Topping this all comes the fact that by adding all participants together not only you gain over consumers who did not know about you, but three things happen:

  1. Our website is bigger than anyone’s due to the many sites and backlinks by high-end media outlets, and all participants coming together along with articles and videos.
  2. By DEFINITION of the words Youthful and Ageless, the expressions of An Honorable Cause, AntiAgingComapnies.com, The Ageless Matrix, we bring you ONLY your EXACT clientele, which will result in purchases and consumer loyalty.
  3. The entire platform connects you to a very humane cause: none of us can control ANYTHING except what we put in or on our bodies and how we think. The platform  looks at how we solve complex problems and drive the world forward. By you participating in the improvement of all concerned you initiate a change and your cause remains a legacy! This fact alone is indeed AN HONORABLE CAUSE.

We encourage all wellness and health related companies and practitioners to participate in the Anti-Aging Movement by coming onto our platform. Staying Ageless simply means: Living a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle by Finding out About America’s Most Promising Companies and Ongoing Research. We believe your company serves this very noble purpose as Health is EVERYTHING!

Your Cost: We are proud to offer this unique opportunity to match you with millions of your own consumers at an extremely affordable rate. Your expense is not only tax deductible but also is a true bargain. Just ask us and you will think you heard it wrong!

And, as Oscar Wilde said, we too, have the simplest tastes. We are always satisfied with the best”

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The making and distribution of this platform supports hundreds of thousands of American jobs and work hours.